Glebe Hill Village – Tasmania’s Most Advanced Retail Centre

Welcome to Glebe Hill Village (GHV), Tasmania’s most technology advanced and sustainable retail centre!

With a view to always trying to enhance the customer experience and efficiency of the centre, Tipalea Partners have incorporated a wide array of green energy and intelligent technologies.

Security is of utmost importance and the centre is equipped with cloud-based CCTV, car counters with licence plate recognition, people counters, duress intercoms and a building information dashboard. There’s even free Wi-Fi, wireless phone charging stations, EV charging stations and dedicated Uber delivery bays.

The smart technology doesn’t stop there… GHV has invested in smart bathrooms with contactless precision auto shut-off taps and half-flushing pans, a full solar array powering our entire air-conditioned mall, real time air quality monitors, smart gas / electricity / water meters, air-conditioning based scent diffusers, a weather station and the first dedicated retail Smart Phone App in Tasmania.

Glebe Hill Village is a prime example of how advanced technology can improve the overall shopping experience – with the incorporation of sustainable energy practices, extensive security overlays and a variety of amenities.


GHV Centre has people counters at all four points of entry / exit from the mall which we can monitor and report on in real time. Provided through the monthly newsletter, customers can use this to seek a more convenient time to use the centre based on the peak/quiet visitation times.


Since opening in August 2022, GHV has already seen remarkable water savings thanks to the smart bathroom tech with contactless precise auto shut-off taps and half-flushing pans – all of which can be monitored in real-time.


The GHV solar array, installed to reduce energy consumption and our overall carbon footprint, is producing great results – for example in December 2022, the solar array produced 307% of the centre’s common area power consumed.


The GHV App, available on the App Store and Google Play, allows customers to book appointments, order food, receive bespoke offers, provide feedback, get real time updates on air quality / solar generation / weather / customer numbers, bus arrival times, tenant details, special offers.

With its suite of innovative smart-tech features and amenities, it’s easy to see why it has already been hailed the most-connected and sustainable retail centre in Tasmania.

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