DA Lodged for Macost’s Healthiest Building

In January 2020, Tipalea Partners lodged a DA for what will become Mascot’s Healthiest and Most Productive Workspace – 50 Kent Road – an 11 storey, 18,000m2 office building.

“50 Kent Road will create Mascot’s Healthiest and Most Productive Workspace – one that is about creating an environment focused on health and wellbeing. We have used exceptional design to deliver best in class user experiences across all aspects of our building. 50 Kent Road is a logical extension of the existing office precinct and will be the catalyst for what will become a transformational precinct for Mascot.” – Nick Sissons of Sissons Architects.

The 11 storey development will comprise 6 floors of office, a multiuse roof area, a 350 bay car park over 3 levels and generous ground floor facilities – some 18,000m2 in total designed by Sissons Architects along with Aspect Studios providing beautiful outdoor areas and landscaping.

“Wellness and excellence in design is at the heart of all we have tried to achieve at 50 Kent Road. By ‘Wellness’ we mean the quality of life that our customers experience as an end user of our building. It is about creating an environment focused on health and wellbeing.” commented Scott Spanton, CEO of Tipalea Partners.

Whilst having Mascot’s largest, super-efficient floorplates of over 3,000m2 each, our exceptional design has had a primary Wellness focus on two areas that are accessible by all occupants – the ground floor and an active roof.

Ground Floor

The ground floor is where the Wellness Initiatives really start to take shape. Rather than trying to “max-out” our leasable space, we have focussed our design on creating great spaces that are functional / substantial / healthy and free by dedicating generous areas back to the building such as:

  • massive end of trip facilities that will comprise over 100 bike racks, 20 showers and 300 lockers;
  • a dedicated multipurpose “Wellness Centre”;
  • a “club lounge” on the mezzanine providing peaceful areas away from the office desk or for a post workout recovery;
  • a café with healthier options in the lobby;
  • beautiful landscaping and public seating inside and outside the lobby;
  • oversized lobby with an imposing 7m height.

Active Roof

At over 3,000m2 in area, the roof plane is too great an opportunity to ignore and unlike anything else in Mascot, 50 Kent Road’s roof structure will be an active space for the occupants that also screens out the plant rooms with:

  • extensive gardens and seating;
  • a 200m running and exercise track;
  • views over Botany Bay and the Sydney CBD;
  • an incredibly generous raised exercise area of almost 190m2; and
  • private and open seating areas of almost 190m2 for meetings or thought time away from the office desk.
  • all of these spaces are protected with a beautiful yet functional roof canopy that provides a balance between shading and light access.

With the revitalisation of Mascot and next generation workplaces like 50 Kent Road, we expect Mascot to attract a number of large corporate tenants seeking affordable office accommodation in close proximity to the CBD with a professional workforce on its doorstep.


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