Callout for local artists to design landmark installation

Tipalea Partners have teamed up with Cultural Capital in their search for a Tasmanian artist to transform the underside of the car park canopies at Glebe Hill Village into an engaging and creatively expressive surface.

We’re excited to bring an investment of over $100,000 in public art to showcase local talent and stories. The relationship between the art on the underside of the canopies and people entering and exiting their cars will hopefully be quite intimate and immersive, heightening the overall experience.

Construction of Glebe Hill Village began in May 2021 and we’re aiming to open the centre in September 2022. Glebe Hill Village is set to be the most advanced neighbourhood centre in Tasmania. Shopping Centre News recently featured the centre – click here to read the full article.

“We are so excited to call upon the incredible artistic talent that Tasmania has to offer and present them with this large-scale opportunity. Everything we do at Glebe Hill Village we strive to leave lasting benefits for the local community, and engaging with local artists and providing them with this opportunity is all part of this…” said Scott Spanton, CEO Tipalea Partners

You will find full details of the project here. Registration of Interest closes 1st September 2021.

For more information about Glebe Hill Village, see the Centre’s website:

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